Battle. Mine. Build.

Play & Earn

Enjoy different game types, win battles, races or match 3 mini-games to earn Forge (the cryptocurrency used in Mech). You can also create your own arenas, design garages for renting Mechs, purchase assets in our exclusive NFT shop to build and sell in-game NFT weapons or even create your own Mech mini-games!

Five Elite Factions

Collect Mech NFTs

There are five different Elite Mech Factions in the the Mech universe. Which side will you chose to enter the Mech world with and start your new adventure?

Become a Mech Citizen

Own Mech Land

By becoming a landowner in Mech, you get exclusive access to Mech’s Creator Tools, which allow you to design and build different buildings and structure on your land, such as:

  • Custom garages to rent and house your Mechs to show off.
  • NFT Weapons and Parts Shops that you can use to create your own parts and weapons and sell them as NFTs inside the game.
  • Mini-game Battle Arenas where you can host and design your own Mech battles.

Let's Build Mech Together With

The Creator Tools

The Creator Tool we developed can be used by any Mech landowner to build amazing assets the whole community and all the players can enjoy! Choose the direction of how you want the future of Mech to look and shape it as you desire. Build incredible, fun experiences with mini-game battle arenas, NFT weapon shops, and so much more!

Terraform Your Land

Use the terraform tool to shape and change your piece of land any way you desire. Add rivers, paths, and/or mountains, as well as trees and other available assets.

Create NFT Buildings

Use our procedural expansion tools to build NFT assets on your land. Create and design your own arenas, mini games, garages for renting your Mechs, and more!

Design In-Game Assets

Build and design unique assets like weapons or even Mech parts as actual NFTs that can be used, traded, or sold inside the Mech ecosystem.

Get Ready For Endless

Crypto Casual Gaming

With incredibly addictive and exciting gameplay, Mech is here to take the world of Web3 gaming by storm. Developed by a team with over a decade of experience in building fun and casual games, Mech is ready to be at the forefront of the evolution of crypto casual gaming.

Mech Timeline

Here is the timeline for each major milestone for the Mech universe.

Q3 2022

Land Sale

Different pieces of land will be sectioned off and sold throughout the Metaverse. Mech Arenas and other in-game locations will be sold as well.

Q4 2022

NFT Marketplace

In the third quarter of 2022, we will release the official Mech NFT Marketplace. Through our custom marketplace, users can view all NFTs inside of the game and list their own.

Q4 2022

Mining & Mini Games

Members of the community will import their mechs into the game, mine for ore, and compete in mini games.

Q4 2022

Battle Arenas

Launch Battle Arenas where players fight their mechs in Battle Royale and Team Royale gameplay types.

Q1 2023

Creation Tools

Release our set of user creation tools that allow players to build custom made buildings, businesses, objects, and more.

Q3 2023


Full Mechverse release allowing players to expand their user created tools, build new functions, stores, items, and more inside of the game.

Hey there!

Meet Our Team

We're always looking to grow and impove our team. If you feel like you and your skills can contribute to Mech, feel free to shoot us an email.

Trey Smith

Nik Rudenko

Kyle Klemmer

Project Manager
Caroline Sharpe

Director of Marketing
Pavle Filipovic

Virnadeth Pachejo

Paulo Sumaoi

Adel Laggoune


Aras Gonul

Head of Community Development
David 10X

Ilya Fomenko

Sci-Fi Writer
Lucas Moctezuma

Timofei Molokov


Juliya Rudenko

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